How to spy on your partner, read all their messages without a tiny chance of getting busted

How a regular SMS tracker can save any relationship

Cheating is one of the main disasters for any relationship. It ruins love, trust and hope for any happy future together. Although there is just one thing worse than that – groundless jealousy. The man mostly complain about some inner feeling that makes them suspect their beloved ones in dirty affairs with every man they know. The worst thing is that one never knows if he can trust his feelings or not. Such impulses if they are fake, can assault ladies ruining all magic and romance. Some men solve this problem following their partners or hiring a person to do that for them. It takes a lot of time, effort and money. ‘Spies‘ are also at huge risk of being busted and losing all they have. Smart men act another way. The newly developed software helps them check their sweethearts without any risk.

How to start?

Anyone can join the club after getting a distributive and installing it in ‘victim’s’ gadget. After all, is set – register at server stated in the tutorial. Since that moment every step of your girlfriend is recorded and folded there.

What device required?

Phone tracker runs at any gadget with Android 2.1 and up. iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile. It means that almost any mobile device can be spied on. To check the information, you need a login, a password and any PC with Internet connection. Location does not matter. Do not forget to log out when finished. It is strongly advised to use incognito mode.

What are the basic functions of spy app?

Every tracker records:

Incoming and outcoming SMS

Every message is stored together with all the details related, like time, date, sender or receiver, the location of both phones. If you want to find anything particular – use search by keyword, sender or date.


Trackers fold the same information as for the SMS. Although, every object is copied and saved separately. Most spy phone apps sort them by file type or size.


Every call is recorded as well. Of course, it would be great to hear the dialogue, but unfortunately, we can only see the date, location, length and contact’s name.

Current phone location

Your girlfriend said she went to visit her mum? Are you sure? Check her current location with tracking app to make sure she was honest.

Contact list

Nice option for dealing with contacts. It stores them on the server giving users unlimited access to partner’s phone book.

Have found new ‘Anna’ in her contact list? Ask one of your friends for their phone and call this ‘Anna’ to make sure it is a lady, not a muscular man who dreams of getting your girlfriend’s heart.

Even if your lady finds a strange app in her phone – do not worry. Deny everything. She cannot prove you did it as the app leaves no trace to the one who has installed it.

Men say that it was somehow installed mistakenly with one of the apps and they do not even know how to use it.

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